Amongst this collection, i find myself being drawn to the subtlety of the last three looks, where the pastel colour is prioritised throughout the entire outfit and portrays such an angelic mood. The colour balance of the collection relates to the Birth of Venus entirely, through use of blue and pink shades; possibly reflecting this typical style of femininity. The prints Donatella chose to adapt into this collection were taken from Versace’s archives from 91-95, a period where his work centralised his most iconic designs and his “feminist learnings”. The overuse of textile prints in the collection is something i want to maintain throughout my looks because it seems like pastel colour schemes are more able to adjust to clashing patterns and tie an entire outfit together. I typically work with as little pattern as possible, due to personal style choice, so this technique will be interesting for me to play around with and hopefully develop for later careers. Although the textile print is very on trend in current fashion and links to the 80s/90s more, subtle hints of this chain type pattern could be filtered through to make characteristic links towards my inspo designers.

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