Coming across this editorial on Vogue has helped me decide that sticking to a much more 80s theme to replicate similar elements of the renaissance painting will now work better for me. I felt like i was struggling to consider how i can develop my own styling into a much more vintage manor like the 1960s and also make it clear that i wanted to pursue an unconventional aspect too. This editorial portrays very unconventional ideas with the use of the garments such as a towel as a hat or mens cycling glasses and blends them with the idea of typical 80s fashion. Shoulder pads and cheap maybe “tacky” diamonds could be an interesting technique and i could use towels instead of hats for an accessory attribute. This would then tie together unconventional fashion with almost everyday womens wear – maybe almost like a modernised and glamorous 80s house wife. I really like this idea of denim jeans too which is something i most definitely never try and style into my own techniques but for the characteristics of everyday wear mixed with glamour from the 80s it would really work.


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