I then came across this editorial when revisiting the magazine “Riot of Perfume” which gave me my initial validation towards my entire theme. I have used this mag as a constant helpful balance between current trends and blending them with the past. This editorial focuses around using an 80s feel to the styling by depicting a sort of ice rink disco. The whole concept seems very unconventional and has completely changed my view for the beauty ad into leading from the 1960’s to the 1980s which i now feel is a lot more similar to my typical styling and techniques and is an era that i can effectively filter through the unconventions in fashion. Im interested in how the posing is used here to seem very casual and makes the viewer feel as if we are actually there in the shoot. Maybe i could use the model in positions of similar poses like a dance / exercise routine. Lacing of the tights is additionally an effective attribute to the photography and something i will take inspo from. It can be a subtle way in replicating the patterned blanket in the renaissance painting¬† along with other patterns used across the garments that will both fulfil the idea of the 80s and the material of the blanket.



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