HANNA YATSKO – for Chagal


After discovering that Gucci was going to be the brand that i wanted my beauty shoot to mostly portray the aesthetics of, i wanted to look into clothing used in editorials that could be seen as similar to Gucci. I wanted clothing that maintains a luxury style whilst also involving elements of a past era trend such as the 1960’s/70s. I knew that these two eras expose a lot of pattern within their typical styles which could be my link to the blanket within the Birth of Venus and also the block colour palette that is also seen within the painting. This editorial highlights a fashionable vintage feel and the location works perfect against the clothing too. It almost reminds me of a typical ‘nans house’ which actually reinforces these motives of Gucci and its traditional perspectives! Im interested in how their are various block colours within the outfits which each completely clash with the patterns used on the dresses, hats or even the carpet. This causes the images to seem really loud and fun which is an effective marketing technique to sell beauty / accessory items. However, an element i would fault about this editorial is the concept of the outfits might eventually get lost within the multiple locations / clashes of colour and pattern and become a bit “samey”. I could adapt on this though, by involving my sense of unconventional fashion and making such typical outfits of this vintage era to seem maybe more futuristic?


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