Birth of Venus is obviously a very popular and well known painting which is a reason why i wanted to start to try and develop onto both the hidden concept and aesthetics. The idea behind the painting is based around how Venus was born as the goddess of beauty and love which completely fulfils the reasonings behind the colour scheme and the soft palette used; its meant to be romanticised. Her father was overthrown to sea which caused the water to become fertilised and then she was born, which is why she is seen on half a shell. I really want to play on the idea of beauty (an advantage also as it is meant to be a beauty shoot) because to fit into my modern style for the painting, i could stylise / direct the shoot to be very unconventional and use these values to help me practice breaking down the fashion norms! Im also interested in the use of this blanket being thrown over the nude body which to me is a massive highlight within the painting and my eyes are immediately drawn to it. I feel that the use of pattern like what is shown on this blanket can help me link my styling and overall ideas to a more retro theme like Gucci does too.

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