The styling from this shoot is definitely something i will take away. The layered fabrics that almost contrast one another i think would work well in portraying an effective renaissance painting. I am also interested in the colour palette and how it responds to the backdrops.




I am mainly interested in this shoot due to how soft the colours are again. The photos have a really delicate feel to them and this is an element that i need to feed through my work.



Modern Gucci is a good brand to acknowledge when wanting to modernise features from the renaissance. Not only was their cruise show in Palatina Gallery, Florence, the styling was very accurate in fulfilling the guests theme of transportation back to the 1400’s. Using pearls as facial accessories and floral patterns on female suits completely adds a unique feel to concept and turns the renaissance into a “Gucci period” itself! Already, i know Gucci could be an effective brand to observe for my advertorial shoot.



Fin – a group of art students – took to the Metropolitan Museum to secretly create a film based around them taunting the renaissance art held inside, They secretly filmed the footage on a phone by pretending to take pictures of themselves. The ending result is very rough and seems unfinished but the entire concept of the film interests me and especially the styling. They have each taken renaissance garments to the modern era and evolved the traditions to suit youth culture of today. Their clothing includes large puff sleeves and silk night dresses with platform boots to give the edge of the individuality from youth culture of today. The idea of using a museum secretly could be a great idea for a shoot or to feed a fashion film into my idea. The location of a gallery or museum that particularly exhibits renaissance art could enhance my initial theme if the styling choice is quite subtle. It could also make the styling choices more obvious.


DAZED 2009


This editorial is perfect for my initial ideas of replicating the renaissance in my styling methods, location choice or photography style. The editorial shows all three of these elements and blends traditional renaissance styling with modern day e.g leather trousers, platform heels with high neck collars, pearls and fur capes.




Gareth Pugh’s work is typically very conceptual using very eccentric sizes and shapes. His modern take on renaissance / victorian garments looks futuristic and completely puts a unique spin on typical renaissance elements; this is something i want to show. I want to include my own techniques in my styling methods but with subtle glimpses of the renaissance period.




fall 2006

I think this is a good example of how the direction of the photography responds to a narrative of a renaissance painting in the way of the positioning of the models and costume-like styling. The styling still portrays d&g’s clothing effectively whilst additionally adding a deeper concept to the designs.




Although this shoot might sway towards more of a victorian theme, it is still obvious of the renaissance. The choice of fabrics and textures is key to portraying a correct renaissance era within my styling and the specific fluent way they sit on the body. The clothing always seems to flow and become very curvaceous in a sense of their own. The colour palette still remains very neutral with earthy tones.