‘Truth, Valour, Honour’ – with the creative director, Sarah Burton’s words in mind, this exact quote predicts and confidently describes the particular personality of the brand, Alexander McQueen and its traditional objectives. Valour; to have great courage in danger, should be of any business’ initial skin and this is why I know that McQueen, a brand of controversy and risk, will excel within the realm of contemporary fashion. Firstly, Alexander McQueen, Sub-mission, will explore intense factors of the lingerie world, incorporating only its original designs of conventional fashion with the 21st century fetish evolution. The collection will prioritise a high-market bedroom theme for its lingerie, which goes beyond the traditional, everyday wear for a usual market. This will explore a unique perspective on the brand by indulging in erotic behaviour and highlighting the hidden world of sex.


What inspired me to create a sub-brand that will consist of such a controversial opinion and could completely contradict tradition from Alexander McQueen himself, is that from personal experience, the brand needs to open deeper dimensions for its audience whom relate to the gothic, avant-garde themes. Although it will compete with brands such as Agent Provocateur; another high-end addition to the playfulness of bedroom themed lingerie, McQueen’s new futuristic image run alongside any forecast for 2019 and the modernised underwear created is exactly what is missing from the collection.

By using this innovative stylistic approach, I hope to enable the viewer the ability to interpret the series in whichever way they wish to. McQueen’s Sub-mission collection will adapt upon the theme of sex as a lifestyle and not only a fashion statement by allowing its market to feel secure and accepted in their choices of lingerie. With feminism at the forefront of society, high-end brands are establishing a modernised approach to aid in targeting a new audience. The theme of fetishism is evolutionary and constantly evolving, allowing the collection the opportunity to expand and grow with modernised techniques and new materials. Existing as a young woman in society, I have witnessed first-hand the potential that new markets, such as McQueens, can have on a younger generation as appearance has become a prominent factor in modern day culture. Understanding the acceptance of sex now, especially in the UK, and many elements which come within this factor such as fetishism, toys or bondage equipment; the market will open to an entire new range, developing a deeper maturity level for the theme of sex itself and the sub-brand.

Promoting such a disclosed topic for the collection could prove to cause controversy, however this fresh image is exactly what the brand needs to be able to survive in such a thriving market. Promotional techniques will include a renovation of their website; as a viewer, the simplicity of the website makes it difficult to engage and interact with the products advertised. Another marketing technique shall be to invest in creating or expanding the original shops so that there is a specific, explicit section – in the stores which are surrounded by other, high-end competitors especially.

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