These are a few examples from Karim Sadli’s transgender and androgynous shoot for Candy magazine. I only came across his work through a browse of examples for original look books and thought the colour schemes were really interesting and provoking, only realising later the powerful story behind the images; to clearly promote and raise awareness of various sexualities and to show acceptance and beauty of each kind. I think the idea of transgender or androgynous underwear or to show that Mcqueen are acceptive of this controversy will allow the brand to thrive further and open up to new audiences. Effectively, i could add a male model to my look book (instead of just 2 females which was my initial idea) styled in simplistic clothing or even nothing at all, to maybe create a sense of objectification and highlight how transgender clothing should be as a whole and not separated within designer brands, especially within a bondage/bedroom themed collection – Mcqueen are open to all genders.


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