Beginning to research into various other high-end brands that supply similar, fetish-like underwear in which Mcqueen could also supply, i came across Agent Provocateur. Agent Provocateur was founded in 1994, and was established by a couple who engaged in creating lingerie that provided an evocative nature and created imagination for the wearer and possible viewer.

Ive chosen this brand as a main topic to look at as the history behind the designs and the conflictual ┬áthemes in which provoke a sexual tale were potentially how the designs progressed. At the time the designs were made, objectification was at its highest and going for a feministic view was a main social factor, so the brand (forgetting about its highly priced value) seemed tragic and tacky – until the realism of undergarments really became noticeable throughout fashion and brands such as Victoria Secret were also released.

Hopefully, my ideas for the styling can also come across similar to this – bondage-like attire with dark, almost grotesque colours and a plain, very simple backdrop.

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