Starting with my own depiction on youth and the culture it holds within each revolution, it has lead me to realise how many problems we face. Feminism, sexism and homophobia are major issues thats all generations of youth face, particularly in the 90s, and what better case to highlight for my work, than this hip hop music and the trends involved within it. Feminism and sexism are really effective topics and iconic cases within the industry, focusing on the term since the last 80s, the hip hop sectors have been accused of objectifying women and promoting abuse against their stereotype of the ‘Bitch’. But, even within these movements of the 21st century and the acceptance of many social groups, the industry hasn’t followed. Ive learnt that hip hop is entirely male orientated and females are exploited because of their clothing and confidence. I want to show the irony of these stereotypes for women in my finals, with the use of styling and playing on the theme of identity/hidden identity.

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