One of my absolute favourite brands have managed to pull together a collection of crazy pattern and surreal nostalgia to their designs for their 2017, couture. I feel so lucky to have come across this collection, the relevance to it not only within my next steps for this project but to my own lifestyle is immense! They have really thought carefully about the designs, and have managed to make the reflection upon ’90’s rave culture’ subtle and more like a memorable attraction to your past (and maybe regrettable) choices! You can see the influence from the music scene through expression of accessories and careful styling opportunities such as the 90s, child’s wallpaper inspired look upon the statement, block coloured hats and shoes. This look has made me acknowledge the massive connection between music and fashion and how each matter keeps one another evolving, so I now know where my final outcome will lead too – music industry development through the world of fashion.  11805081180505







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