Looking into the link between music and fashion, i thought it would be best to mention and research further into Dapper Dans work. I had heard a lot about his designs from my personal love of hip hop music, and knew about his originality and influence throughout the late 80s/90s. So what did he do? Dapper Dan (nickname), realised that high end brands were abruptly growing throughout the artists of the music world at this time, but with the racism issues and poverty at this time, most were turned away from shops, made to feel lowered and uncomfortable. Somehow, Dapper Dan re-created these brands in his own, unique sense – offering a shop of welcomeness and all round support for his customers. From my research, it shows how prioritised money was and the possible start of commercialising these expensive brands through rising music trends. It was also enjoyable to read about menswear fashion as i find it hard to find usually. Ironically, he didn’t seem to make ladies wear and as i researched further – I noticed the pattern of sexism and feminism within this industry. So next, i will look into the common factors of sexism throughout hip hop.


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