I have now been told, for the first step of the project – I need to create an outcome from a photo shoot, which is adapted from two chosen designers/ stylists. I decided to use Raf Simons and Gucci in the 90’s – where Tom Ford was majorly involved. Raf simons seems to be a really good base to start for my styling project, his early menswear reflects my own style a lot now and I can personally revolve my look around his designs, especially for the shoot. 90’s Gucci is also a very similar style to my own, as I enjoy reflecting previous eras in my wardrobe trends as I think the 90s will always work in the cycle of fashion. The two designers seemed a like to me and I knew I could easily make them both connect through the eye of an camera, so to start linking the styles I made a mood board.


Consistently, I base my work on youth culture and the way adolescent hood works in the fashion industry. I noticed that both designers, whether at the time the clothing was showcased or not – seem to reflect was youth of today now, are really fond of – especially in bigger cities where youth culture is a major part of the social hood and environment.




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