comme-des-garcons-spring-2012-outrageous-looksI am really passionate about the everyday white shirt, which commonly is mistaken for a plain and typical outfit component at its worst. I feel the white shirt can really act upon the wearers personality, by how they wear it or the brand etc. The white shirt is an iconic piece of clothing in this industry now, selling in high-street brands to high end fashion – the range is amazingly broad. It adapted from the middle ages, where typically only men wore the shirt as an undergarment or underwear. These images are taken from my favourite brand, Commes Des Garcons – whom perspires to create original and very recognisable forms of everyday wear. this example can show you how far the ‘White Shirt’ really has come, modernising in the 20th and 21st century.


img_3795img_3922Proving difficult to find examles of brooches/pins already, I have managed to find a few basic examples of students in my¬†university. I like this first image, although the pin is small, the colour contrasts with it’s backdrop making the accessory much more noticeable and apparent to a viewer, so definitely reflects the purpose of the pin. Both examples are similar to one another, in the form of style. The pins are very 70’s Punk, and not contemporary, glamorous like some would think of today.


My first project brief was relating an object into fashion; mine being pins and brooches. At the beginning, just thinking about the brief, i thought this topic would be difficult – but through my research and discoveprada-brooch-2ring the history and how both items have evolved, my entire brief became a lot more exciting and definitely, really easier. I have found Gucci and Prada designs, based around the evolution of ‘the brooch’, alongside the punk and 60’s era, which included both pieces of jewellery just in separate terms. Going forward, I now need to develop my research through designs or photographs of people possibly wearing them, or similar objects. I want to use unusual angles and lighting to emphasize the importance of the themes.

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