Instagram Development




Engage with hashtags,

Tag photos of big influencers and engage with their content,

comments on big influencers’ posts.

In order to develop the Instagram portfolio for Ever Magazine as an Influencing platform, as well as my own portfolio I have started to engage daily with other accounts and also set up the start of competition on the Ever Instagram to influence engagement. As shown in the screenshots below, I have been using the Ever Instagram to comment and engage with other accounts that are similar in purpose and with other fashion graduates too. As I will be using Ever and my own personal Instagram for artistic exposure I think it is important to ensure they are consistent and I want to grow an organic following as this is much more valuable than using bots. I have been using my portfolio account to engage and also promote Ever magazine by commenting ‘ Hey we love what you are doing, follow @evercatalogue to be involved with our competition ran by L6 Fashion Graduates.’ I aim for this strategy to increase engagement on both accounts and also reach different audiences as my personal Instagram is a deeper insight into my own process, leading onto the professional aspect of Ever.

As shown In the screenshots above, for Ever I have been particularly concentrating on learning more about Instagram engagement and one tip that I have taken onboard is using websites such as SeekMetrics to generate popular hashtags that are relevant to your purpose, this is something that can generate bots however as it is just through hashtags I think this is okay as despite this it also reaches accounts that use the similar hashtags too. I have taken into consideration for Ever, who do I want to follow us, and where can I find them? I want our target audience to follow us and to find them I have been engaging with similar accounts on Instagram and messaging them directly as well as featuring them on our Instagram stories to hopefully gain a follow from them, allowing us to be on their algorithm. In addition to reaching out to the Fashion Coms Instagram and also other fashion graduates directly.


Annabelle and I decided to run a competition to gain exposure. To start this process I decided to create a poll to see what our current followers would like as a prize – either a gift voucher or a copy of our magazine and a surprise. At current, the latter is in favor and to ensure this is in line with our concept I am now working through several ideas to be our surprise. Reviewing our insights feature on Instagram, our account is increasing in engagement and this is something I want to grow exponentially.


Tips for increased engagement – add a keyword into your name ie, Shauna Maddison – Fashion Editor, Ever Magazine – Fashion influencer

Compile hashtag groups – Shown below.

Hashtags to use, and edit of Names on Instagram







Instagram Development

As I am really focused on ensuring the narrative of relationships, the transition from being home alone, and the space between individuals is shown in the next shoot, I have started to think about narrative, and I think for this editorial/campaign we have two options, use the poetry that was submitted to us for the mag and expand on this, or create my own narrative for the relationship between the two individuals. This is completely disregarding the upcycling and home alone concept that we wanted to explore with Belinda, however, this has allowed me to develop my idea, and use the blue edit for styling and graphic imagery.

As I would like to feature this in the magazine and on social media, It is important that there is at least 12 slides of imagery to the narrative. It would sit in a grid of 6 on Instagram, and will also fit well with the magazine. I have started to create a storyboard with Annabelle that works with the poem from a submission for the magazine. We are emphasizing the idea of interaction and the loss of this.


I am also currently looking at styling and if we use the best friends (male) or with our female model we want to do a Ganni edit that focuses on orange clothing.



Website update

As I have started to focus on my website more I wanted to experiment with Wix too as I have heard positive feedback from other students; despite Wix allowing more editing features and freedom, the actual interface of the website I do not like. When you click on a page of work it highlights itself in red and even when you buy the basic Wix plan it still shows Wix ads so this will not work for my portfolio. I am contemplating buying a domain name, but this would still not allow an appropriate page for Wix. Because of this, I plan to carry on with my adobe portfolio and add the domain name to this platform for professional use.


Wix Website experiment.


Adobe Portfolio

Website update


For my portfolio and mainly my Instagram I have started to post content and also ‘advertise’ Ever magazine’s Instagram too. For the portfolio module, I am working towards using Ever, my personal Instagram and my personal LinkedIn for exposure and I want to ensure that both of the Instagram accounts are consistent in communicating my art direction.  My personal Instagram aims to be an extension of Ever’s Instagram showing a range of my own personal thoughts and visuals, with behind-the-scenes processes showing Ever and my own practice.

As for Ever’s Instagram, I am slowly and surely working through the content and how this is going to be portrayed on the platform – planning in the media pack.  The shoot Annabelle and I directed yesterday (April 1st) was great and allowed me to direct and gain more experience in implementing this with a professional photographer that we had not worked with before. This allowed me to focus on styling and direction in a more focused way and I think this shows through with the aesthetics in the clothing that we shot. The images that we have from this shoot will be posted on both of the Instagram accounts, and possibly my Linked’in as I know creative photography and practise posts gain a lot of exposure on Linked’in even outside of your own connections.  After listening and talking with Jody from House of Juba, I plan to take a direction of my Instagram being my main point of contact for work and a ‘portfolio’ site, however, I shall still use the website as a point of contact for work, allowing me to choose the most appropriate platform for any future job roles and clients reference.

At current, I am feeling positive about both projects and the work that is being created however I aim to make sure we have the rest of the shoots finished as soon as possible so that Annabelle and I have a sufficient amount of time to edit and ensure that the physical magazine fits our brand identity and concept, as well as giving me time to work on the Instagram and promotional strategy, again that will reflect our concept and brand. As the concept and idea of influencing it is important to me, and it reflects my own mission within my fashion communication, Annabelle and I have spoken about taking this further once we have finished university so having a solid and consistent start is really important to me, and I just want to make sure we have enough time to get it right. In order to gain more exposure, I plan to have a day working and commenting on other posts and brands that are simular and really engaging with content that sits in line with us.


My personal Instagram                         @evercatalogue

@portfolioartfashioncoms – to be edited




As we have the flat lays Annabelle and I discussed a few weeks ago that I thought it would be interesting to have an object or flat lay garment as our cover image rather than an editorial shoot. I thought this would be an interesting concept as it reflects our catalogue and also reflects the colour palette we are using in the magazine. For the front cover, I want to also feature our contributors and the concept – this would replace the placeholder text. In order to move forward I want to consult with Annabelle on this layout, get feedback and also experiment with different layouts, including other flat lays and object images that I plan to take on Thursday (1st April shoot.)

Catalogue development



As I have edited and ‘cut out’ our current flat lays, I started to think about the layout and composition of the catalog. Whilst our flat lays are interesting images on their own It is harder to layout than I thought so I have had to re-think my initial plans for the catalog. As this is an ‘influencing’ platform for each brand and concept, rather than a retail magazine a more conceptual and arty approach is acceptable. This is something I will confer with Annabelle and also develop further however as an Initial start I think this is heading in the right direction. In order to move forward, I want to add the blue flat lays that we have planned to take on Thursday (April 1st) and work on them together to see how they look as a whole document and if this approach works or if it needs to be more linear and commercially viable.

Catalogue development

Belinda shoot reel

Whilst planning the editorial with Belinda I thought it would be interesting to look at other social media styling videos and other social media content that I can use for Instagram. I want to create a video edit of flat-lay images of Belinda’s upcycled clothing. The concept for this shoot has developed from a conversation Belinda and I had talking about isolation and how she had been upcycling all of her old and unwanted clothes into something new whilst in isolation. This ties in perfectly to our brand identity and also our overarching concept focusing on isolation and relationships. In part, the lockdown has lead Belinda to challenge the relationship she had with old clothes and repurpose them into something new…

In this shoot, I am going to combine our colour pallette choice of Blue with Belinda’s old clothing.

Instagram promotional video inspiration:


Belinda shoot reel

Social Media Development

Social media campaign, digital strategy Video:


Take your audience on a journey – not just on Instagram. I think this is an important point and upon reflection it may be valuable to create an email PDF send out just before we launch the magazine’s first issue to gain engagement on our Instagram and awareness,.

Emails, SEO, Digital PR

OOH – out of house

Affiliate Marketing

Online Advertising

RACE points!

Reach, Act, Convert, Engage!

14 days before opening you need to raise awareness! – could send out an email – to the uni contacts?  We want to do it 14 days because we don’t send out a lot of emails and newsletters.

SMART Objectives – specific, measurable, actionable relatable, time-based! – smart insights website! – phases of the campaign! Create one of these! And then plan content!

Awareness phase, and also okay so reach phase…

Relevant target audience: brand ambassadors – our contributors? As we have a variety of contributors I will place those as Brand Ambassadors as they are in line with our brand identity and ethics and have worked with us already (at the time of the launch)

SMART Goals for Ever Social Media!

Generate specific brand imagery for the launch of the magazine -Ie, cover pages and images that showcase our content and ethics!

S:  In the 14 days running up to launching the magazine, I want to create and send out an email PDF and ensure that I have scheduled a post for at least every day until the launch. Annabelle and I are also looking into paid Instagram ads and shall see if this will work for us.

M: To measure this through engagement, followers, and reach through Later analytics. Within this 14 day period, I want to have a 5% increase in followers and also engagement.

A: This is achievable as we have the budget for a small payment to an Instagram ad that also boosts reach. After looking at an Instagram payment can be small to reach a large audience, and this is something that we aim to test over different budgets.

M: Yes this seems worthwhile, and around the 14 day period will be the right time once we have all of the content. This matches our needs for awareness and it is applicable.

T: This campaign will start 14 days before the ‘launch,’ and works well for our target market.


Social Media Development

Social Media Strategy

Later scheduling – looking at creating a set of 6 images to create a grid

I have started to work with Later and plan the scheduling for the Instagram page, however, since re-evaluating and thinking about what I want our  Instagram to portray I want to ensure that Instagram has another sense to the page other than just shoots and products. In the first project for the year I was drawn to the marketing and advertising strategy that The Row use on their Instagram; they paint a picture of their target audience and their interests through posting relevant cultural and artistic imagery such as architecture and sculpture. I taking this into consideration and curating work outside of Ever Magazine would work well for our magazine as I can incorporate other work and events that highlight our brand mission and also the concept of each issue – for example, issue one focusing on negative space this can be reiterated through other work when referenced correctly. This allows a picture to be painted of Ever’s inspirations and a reference point for the target market too. It influences conscious fashion as well as culturally rich art, architecture, location.

When looking at how the imagery is posted on the grids through Later I also thought the composition of each image doesn’t work as fluidly as I would have hoped so I plan to use an app such as Whitagram to add a border that is consistent throughout our posts and it also reiterates our focus on negative space and has a more considered visual aesthetic to it.

@therow Instagram, Accessed March 2021.



Other social media post ideas:

@nu-in Instagram, a sustainable fashion brand.


For our styling, I do want to incorporate some of their products and I think their aesthetic works well with our brand and purpose.


Our Instagram as of 22nd March 2021.

After reconsidering our social media strategy I started to use a template I had made on Photoshop and post some of the inspiration imagery to paint a picture of ourselves as a brand.  I think initially this works really well and our imagery sits well with the inspiration I have chosen. It creates a well-rounded visual of our brand and also has the potential to engage new demographics through posting creative work outside of the box of fashion.

I want to ensure that it is colour tone and theme-appropriate too and work to ensure that this is aesthetically consistent – I shall work through adding colour pallette and relevant work and changing this for each editorial that we work with.

Social Media Strategy

Currently, I am trying to work our taking flat lays at home with no lighting or our specific styling as all of our lighting kits, background, and styling is at Annabelle’s as we use it as a store due to her having more space. I have experimented with some random pieces of styling and objects that I have in my house for objects to add to my business card – I think I am still moving towards focusing on shoes and main accessories however I do think the potential of the head scarf being sculptured into different shapes could be an interesting visual for the card.