Task 4 – Film on Film

Film On Film In this week’s blog task you are asked to make a short 1 minute film using available technology.

The film’s subject matter is film itself.

Consider how you could use aspects of film making such as framing, composition, movement, edit/montage, lighting, time/duration, and direction in order to draw attention to the qualities of film itself.

You are also asked to write a short evaluation of your work (no more than 200 words), contextualising your reflexive film with reference to the work of relevant others.


Wanting to parody the concept of integration scenes within the film industry, I created a 1-minute parody of crime drama interrogation scenes. Often with low fluorescent lighting and p.o.v shots, I wanted to recreate this within my own parody filmed in my own home by adjusting the colour grade in post-production. Playing on the gimmick of the inspector often smoking in scenes, we recreated that also. Dramatic and over-the-top was how I directed my “actors” to act, paying homage to early cinema where is was very over-dramatic. Using mostly P.O.V shots, it puts you in the seat of either party, finding it difficult to sympathise with one or the other. Breaking the 180-degree rule, it adds a sense of tension and mischief to the piece.




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