Student participation

Student Participation. How will students be involved in the project? How will they be recruited?
(250-500 words).
All 2017 – 18 GY336 students will be invited to participate in the project via e-mail in December
2017; at present, there are 43 students registered to take GY336 in 2018. This introductory e-mail
will include all relevant participant information documentation, including a summary of the project,
its aims, expectations of the participants and details of how execution of the project will not
adversely impact on the participants’ education. Those students not wishing to participate will be
asked to send confirmation by e-mail stating that they do not wish to take part. Following the
introductory e-mail, questionnaire 1 will be distributed electronically to all participants in January
2018 and questionnaire 2 will be distributed in May 2018. Both anonymous questionnaires will be
accompanied by all relevant participant information documentation. An e-mail will be sent to all
participants in April 2018, asking for volunteers to take part in the focus group. From the
respondents, three BA students and three BSc will be selected at random to take part.
All participants will be asked to complete two (primarily quantitative) on-line questionnaires and
those volunteers selected to take part in the focus group will be required to take part in a ca. one
hour session directed by myself containing questions based on the project aims.

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