Information gathering

Information gathering/ literature. Please identify 4-6 books, articles or other documents which
provide context for your project.
• Biggs, J. B.: Enhancing teaching through constructive alignment, Higher Education, 32(3), 347-
364, 1996
• Biggs, J. B., and Tang, C., S.: Teaching for quality learning at university: what the student does,
4th Ed., Open University Press, 2017
• Boeve, A. J., Meijer, R. R., Bosker, R. J., Vugteveen, J., Hoekstra, R., and Albers, C. J.:
Implementing the flipped classroom: an exploration of study behaviour and student
performance, Higher Education, 74(6), 1015-1032, 1996
• Clifford, N. J., and Valentine, G.: Key Methods in Geography, 2nd Ed., SAGE, London, 2010
• Cohen, L., Manion, L., Morrison, K. and Bell, R.: Research methods in education, 7th Edn.
London: Routledge, 2011
• Dunn, L., Morgan, C., O’Reilly, M., and Parry, S.: The student assessment handbook: New
Directions in Traditional and Online Assessment, London, Routledge, 2004
• Hawks, S. J.: The flipped classroom: Now or never? AANA Journal, 82(4), 264-9, 2014
• Prosser, M., and Trigwell, K.: Understanding Learning and Teaching: The Experience in Higher
Education. Buckingham, Open University Press, 1999

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