Assignment instructions

Assignment (2) Portfolio (50% of the total mark for the module) – submitted on January 16, 2017, midnight.


You will research the working promotional practices of one organisation or company of your choice, and reflect critically on specific issues of these practices (e.g. communication style, representation of gender, ideology, techniques that resemble propaganda). Your reflection will be presented with a mash-up online submission (combining audio, video, text and social media), and a report of max.1,500 words. Your mash-up will be uploaded on this Module Edu-blog page BUT your report should be submitted in Turnitin.


Example: Using the reading of Week 10 – The Politics of Ethical Consumption, Maria, a student has chosen to analyse the ‘green’ advertising campaign of a successful brand of cleaning products. She collected images from packaging that she has photographed herself, and campaign material that she has found from internet searches. In her submitted work, she also included a 1min video where she asked her housemates to reflect on whether they find the brand convincing and why. Maria linked to the social networking pages of the brand and discussed how in these sites, consumers were offered opportunities to engage with the brand. Here she also drew from module readings from Week 7 – Convergence culture, social media and marketing. Her report gave an overview of the findings and examined the language used in the packaging and in the ads, and made some important observations about how consuming certain products links to expressing specific cultural ideas and identities. Her report used the examples presented in the mashup to illustrate her theoretical points.

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