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Sophie Coleman – Controversial Ad Campaigns

Sophie Coleman

Advertising Campaign

Vera Bradley
It’s Good To Be A Girl

A campaign set by the brand Vera Bradley, to increase its target market and include younger clients within its sales. The brands campaign took a simple idea and used different methods and techniques to reach their goals of the relaunch. Unfortunately some of the adverts weren’t seen as inspiring and were taken offensively by some potential customers. Leaving this one controversial advertising campaign.

One of a series of images posted around NYC subway stations.

“We’ll take a handbag over a briefcase any day”
Using aesthetically pleasing designs, followed by derogatory thoughtless sayings.

Figure 1

“That moment when a gentleman offers you his seat”

Second of the series shown in NYC

Figure 2

An invitation from the website for customers to get involved and share their view as regarding what they can do. A way to include the younger audience through the use of social media.

The invitation was taken by some people, the best of the ones sent in were displayed on the brands website.

Responses to the campaign from young, opinionated women, the target audience intended for the campaign to influence.

(Figure 3)


Figure 4

A video clip showing the brands reasons why women/girls are great. Whilst showing off the detailed accessories the brand sells. With the use of a stereotypical ‘perfect’ unattainable woman.

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