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The Paco Rabanne ‘INVICTUS’ fragrance campaign – Dixie Rowley

Paco Rabanne is a French fashion designer, who in 1968 collaborated with fragrance company Puig.

(Figure 1) Figure 1 contains Paco Rabanne’s promotional TV commercial directed by French film director Alexandre Cortes. featuring Australian model and former professional rugby league footballer, Nick Youngquest. With a soundtrack featuring the Grammy award nominee song ‘POWER’ by notoriously known rapper Kanye West. The advertisement begins with Youngquest entering a sporting area, where he struts across the field fending off the paparazzi. The advertisement ends with the protagonist carrying a trophy back into the locker room, where several goddess-like women dressed in nothing but flowing sheets await his arrival.


“Invictus smells like the skin of a champion; a frozen caress on burning skin. – Nose Veronique Nyberg”


(Figure 2) Figure 2 contains a print visual. It depicts of a topless Nick Youngquest holding a trophy onto his shoulder, in a strong and confident celebratory stance.


“Today, the dream of every man is victory. To be the champion. The ultimate fantasy is to be the winner; the man that is envied; the man that everyone else wants to be; the man who is desired by every woman. – Paco Rabanne Fragrances International Marketing Director Jean  Holtzmann”







(Figure 3) Figure 3 contains another print visual, however this time featuring the fragrance bottle in the shape of a trophy with two Grecian like women dressed in silky white robes leaning from either side of the bottle.

(Figure 4) Figure 4 contains a screenshot from figure 2’s TV commercial, featuring 5 women dressed in nothing but robes awaiting the main male protagonist in a provocative, seductive and sexual manner.

(Figure 5) Figure 5 shows the video to musician Kayne West’s ‘Power’ video which acts at the soundtrack to the ‘INVICTUS’ fragrance campaign. The themes contain symbolic references in this video which relate to those which feature in the ‘INVICTUS’ TV commercial, for example the Ancient Greek theme containing pillars and goddess-like women.

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