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Ralph Lauren – Romance Perfume – Women’s

Ralph Lauren – Romance – Women’s fragrance

(Figure 1)
In Ralph Lauren’s commercial, women’s fragrance ‘Romance’ is advertised.
Featuring husband and wife, Nacho Figueras and Delfina Blaquier with
photography by well known Bruce Weber and music by Seal with a song called
‘My Romance’

(Figure 2)
Figure two shows the stars from Ralph Lauren’s ‘Romance’ commercial, posing in
a photoshoot. The fragrance itself has been edited in to the shot which stands out in front
of the two models.

(Figure 3)
This photo shows the two models from the commercial riding beautiful horses in
an open field. This was either taken from the actual commercial or shot as a
seperate photo. The fragrance is again edited in to the photo, this time covering the couple completely.

(Figure 4)
This picture displays the perfect family which are shown towards the end of the commercial.

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