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PETA “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” Campaign – Jordan Haynes

Figure 11 | Khloe Kardashian for PETA

  • Widely known public figure standing proudly next to her contribution to the campaign
  • Celebrity endorsement widens target audience and interest

Figure 10 | Karina Smirnoff for PETA

Figure 9 | Elisabetta Canalis for PETA

  • Typically slim body
  • Sexual contact from a male, although we do not see his face
  • “I’d rather dance naked” – appeals to the professional dance industry

Figure 8 | Suzanne McCabe

processes of celebrity cultivation and maintenance have become institutionalized, systematized and commercialized. In effect, celebrity itself has become and industry (Davis 2013:114)

Figure 7 | Tony and October Gonzalez for PETA

  • “We’d rather go naked than fur” – appeals to a female audience through romantic atmosphere created through the use of a relationship
  • Football pitch highlighting profession gives advert a sense of formality
  • Also appeals to men by using typically male colours

  • FIGURE 6 – Evokes sexual atmosphere through nudity
  • Walking through a forest, links to PETA’s message of ethical consumption
  • Background music increases sexual tension in the ad

sexual imagery has been shown to have a stronger persuasive ability for men than for women (Sheehan 2013:107)

Figure 5 | Joanna Krupa for PETA

  • Extremely provocative
  • Suggests that a beauty choice is ‘wrong’
  • Pink is the colour that stands out – echoes female stereotype

promotes a standard of beauty and fitness that in many cases is impossible to attain (Sheehan 2013:96).

Figure 4 | Supermodels for PETA

  • Image made up of supermodels who are thin with desirable, air-brushed figures
  • Very close together, highly sexualised
  • Black and white, possibly to highlight the idea of equality in society for humans and animals

Figure 3 | Nia Long for PETA

  • Legs wrapped around a pole which evokes many sexual connotations
  • She is in a public place which is undoubtedly frowned upon
  • Desirable figure to capture attention
  • “Be comfortable in your own skin” – promoting ethical consumption or ideal body type?

Figure 2 | Models for PETA

Intensely sexual advertisement, featuring a sexual inuendo: “If you need FUR to keep warm, you’ve got problems”. The woman is overpowered by two men making her seemingly oppressed as they hide her sexual organs.

a sexual depiction is often an explicitly aggressive image of a woman that focuses on her lips, breasts, or groin area (Sheehan 2013:102)

Figure 1 | Joanna Krupa for PETA

There is an overall sense of sexuality from this advert. She is very open in her stance and the background of the advertisement suggests that she is in a public place as she is surrounded by figures whose faces are unrecognisable. This undoubtedly ensures all focus is on her body, which is also highlighted by very feminine colours such as pinks, purples and light greens.

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