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LGBTQ+ Equality The Human Rights Campaign – Cleo Coogan

LGBTQ+ Equality : The Human Rights Campaign

Cleo Ann Coogan

The Human Rights Campaign stands for people who identify as LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and others). They are an organisation based America, however they branch out globally and strive to help people no matter where they are from, making sure laws are followed in the workplace and that equality is a success.

Below : A video showing all of President Obama’s work done for equality and LGBTQ+ people. The Human Rights Campaign made a video to show what equality in America for LGBTQ+ people really is.

Below: Ben Carson Interview, Anti-Equality beliefs and Anti LGBTQ+. Placed onto The Human Rights Campaign YouTube account.

Bill Carson, an associate of Donald Trump. They share the same beliefs, beliefs of which are out dated in society today. Carson is completely

against equality for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and believes that being Gay/Lesbian is a choice.

He also believes that being Transgender (or non-binary/bi-gender/genderqueer) is all made up and that being Transgender is not real, that people

who identify as LGBTQ+ should go to ‘conversion therapy’ and ‘conversion camps’. Something that The Human Rights Campaign Strongly disagree with.

Below : Statistics show LGBTQ+ America, The Human Rights Campaign.

Ellen Page came out at The Human Rights ‘ Time To Thrive’ Campaign, the response was expected.

 ‘Coming out’ is a hard thing for LGBTQ+ people to do, the fear of rejection and hurt is valid and a massive concern and is also an influence for people not to ‘come out’ and be proud of who they are. When Ellen came out at The ‘Time To Thrive’ conference she not only had the support of many  people but gave support and her speech helped many others to be proud of who they are.


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