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Got Milk? Campaign Ads



The got milk campaign was created to encourage Americans to drink more milk and constantly reminded consumers of its health benefits. They were famous for their comedic television ads and celebrity endorsed billboards. They predominantly had good press but they did come out with some controversial ads.



Figure 1

These are the got milk campaigns top 10 television adverts from 1993 to 2014. It gives an overall view on how they used comedy and celebrities to deliver an informative message about the benefits of milk.



Figure 2

These billboards came along after got milk did a television ad on how milk helps lessen woman’s PMS symptoms. These billboard caused a huge controversy as woman were offended by this portrayal in the media.


Figure 3

This is the got milk campaign twitter account although the campaign stopped in 2014, they post everyday using relevant ways to remind people to incorporate milk into there diets.



Figure 4

Got milk became popular for their milk mustache ads using celebrity endorsement. Here are a few of the ads that included female celebrities. They have used sportswomen, models and actresses to portray women. some sexualized  and others not.




Figure 5

These are a few of their milk mustache ads using celebrity men as models. They have used a singer, a fictional character and a sportsman. They used celebrity men who have a variety of different careers in order to appeal to all different types of men.


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