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Fosters #GoodCall Campaign

(Figure 1)

The extremely popular advert campaign featuring Brad and Dan, the agony uncles for men, smashes records and pushes Foster’s to a best-seller beverage in Britain, good call to say the least.

Trivia-Founded in 1886 by William and Ralph Foster. The premium larger still adheres to that of the recipe in 1889 and won “the highest award against the world” in the Melbourne Centennial exhibition.

(Figure 2)

Within this blog post I will present you the fosters Good Call campaign. Briefly analysing campaign material and commenting on the companies record breaking adverts. so why was this tongue in cheek advert campaign such a hit for us Brits?

(figure 3)

A popular selling point for the Australian 'Brew' back in 1889 was deliver the product in packages of ice, serving it the way it was made-ice cold.

(Figure 4)

Each advert entails a Brit insisting the help of the humorous Aussie duo Ben and Dan.

(Figure 5)

Figure 5 shows an employee of the ‘Good Call  centre’ next to the iconic Fosters logo. attractive young female suggestive sign language can be interpreted as flirty.

(Figure 6)

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