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Ethical Consumption and McDonald’s

McDonald’s Global ‘Transparency’ Campaign

McDonald’s is a global corporation, established in California and is famously known for its burgers and fries which it sells through 31,000 fast-food restaurants in over 119 countries, to approximately 69 million customers a day. Around 2014 McDonald’s introduced a new campaign focused on improving it’s environmental, economical and health impact prior to accusations and the circulation of stories surround the contents of McDonald’s food. The campaign aimed to settle all concerns regarding the “ethicality” of the brand through numerous strategies and increased green advertising.


(Figure 1)

Screenshot taken from McDonalds UK website. As part of the new ‘transparency’ campaign McDonalds have designed a page where you can read about the ingredients for food all across the menu. The page is user friendly and easy to navigate, containing clearly labelled links to each of the foods.

Source: McDonalds website (2017)

(Figure 2)

Screenshot taken from McDonalds UK website. This page is what the ‘Potatoes’ link leads to. Includes multiple images and some information about the sourcing of McDonalds potatoes.

Source: McDonalds website (2017)

(Figure 3)

Screenshot taken from McDonalds UK website. The campaign has made a dedication to answering customers questions. This page ‘What Makes McDonalds’ provides customers with the opportunity to find answers to questions but are also provided with the opportunity to ask questions themselves.

Source: McDonalds website (2014)

Figure 4

Screenshot taken from McDonalds UK website. Shows how questions are categorized and the amount of questions in each category in brackets.

Source: McDonalds website (2014)

(Figure 5)

Screenshot taken from McDonalds UK website.

This figure shows the ‘Nutrition Calculator’ page which allows customers to access nutritional information of items on the menu and calculate values for their meal. Options are selected from the drop down menu

Source: McDonalds website (2017)

(Figure 6)

Advertisement created by McDonalds Corporation, titled ‘Our Journey Together. For Good. | Sustainability | McDonald’s’, published on 24 April 2014. The advert consists of McDonald’s’ new campaign goals and objectives.

(Figure 7)

Advertisement created by McDonald’s, Canada  with the title ‘100% real beef: a company or a fact? McDonald’s Canada answers.’, published on 7 November 2014. The advert consists of McDonalds’ answering the question on the contents of their burger patties.

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