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Barbie You Can Be Anything

Barbie’s You Can Be Anything campaign started in 2015 and was a solution to reimaging Barbie, and suggesting what girls imagine when they play with a Barbie.

Figure 1
Please click on the play button bellow to view the video:

This video was released onto YouTube and has received over 24 million views. It shows young girls working in jobs or talking about their job, they are shown to love what they do. This is what Barbie is suggesting they imagine when they play with Barbies.

Figure 2
Please click on the image bellow to view the Barbie Twitter profile:

Tweets about the campaign are often tweeted from this profile, above is a screenshot of the most recent tweet about related to the campaign. The Twitter Profile is used often to share tweets about the different Barbies involved in the campaign and the link to buy the products.

Figure 3
Please click on the image bellow to have a larger view:

This image shows the new dolls which have been released for the campaign which are available to purchase. These dolls show the different professions the campaign is advertising and what the dolls will actually look like once purchased.

Figure 4
Please click on the image bellow to view the Forbes article:

The Article suggests who the campaign is aimed at and talks about Barbie’s image and how this campaign has changed it.

Figure 5
Please click on the image bellow to view it on a larger scale:

This image is shown on the Barbie website, it shows young girls or animated Barbie’s in different job professions and linking it back to the slogan to suggest girls can be anything. The image is colourful and aesthetically pleasing.



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