Perfect Places – Portfolio


“Send us to perfect places” I was inspired by the Lorde song ‘Perfect Places’ which is about trying to find a perfect place that is a distraction from real life.I took this song and applied it to my brief as I am a young girl in a foreign country looking for a sense of belonging. I decided to find my own perfect places within my new home, Brighton. I went back to important locations in my life and being able to revisit them with the past experiences in mind was very eye opening for me. While most of these places seem mundane to the average person, I made the best memories of my life at each and every one of them. ¬†Each of these pictures represents a place in which a significant event in my short life at Brighton took place. I have to return in America in less than a month from the creation of this brief and creating this project evoked a sense of nostalgia and homesickness for a place I haven’t even left yet. As someone who never felt like they fit into their hometown, Brighton always felt like it had a spot for me in it and when I look at each of these images I can imagine myself inside of them.




Meeting new friends can lead to lots of awkward silences and dead conversations, but its hard to be uncomfortable when you’re screaming on a ride. The pier rides were the foundation of my beginning friendships at Brighton.




Friendship breakups are hard, especially when they end in screaming and crying. Luckily, this corner gave me and my bestie a place to debrief and eat a kebab. We needed that and I’ll forever be grateful for the curb.




Your first holiday without your family can be extremely difficult and sad. Luckily, I had great friends and a brand new pub that we spent multiple days in a row at.




3… 2… 1… Happy New Year! 2022 has easily been the best year of my entire life and it all began at Chalk when the clock struck midnight.




I’ve always wanted to be a regular at a place and I think this is the closest I’ll ever get. Shuffle Bar knows my entire friend group and most of our names, and they tend to assume our drink orders too. 2 for 1 Long Island Ice Teas all around.




At 18 years old I had never been on a real date. Until this bench. Thanks to her I now have Matt and go on real dates all the time.




With a friend group of 18 it is extremely difficult to find a place that can fit everyone. King and Queen always had a place for us and I’ll always have a place for King and Queen.




This car is where I learned to drive manual, spent countless hours controlling the music, and being the best back seat driver who doesn’t actually know what their talking about with my boyfriend.




Concerts are my absolute favorite thing in the entire world and my best friend and I are always down for the random, spontaneous ones. Chikini has become our after concert ritual where we can rewatch the videos at full volume and eat the best Korean fried chicken in Brighton.




This extremely small club can make my friend group feel like were the only people in there (which sometimes we are). It’s seen the best and the worst of us (but mostly the worst).