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This blog is where we showcase the University of Brighton’s Learning and Teaching Hub’s current projects and initiatives, and highlight some case studies of good practice from across the university. For University of Brighton staff further information can be found on our internal webpages. 

Infographic in the shape of a T with digital skills going across the top, and more complex digital skills going down the T shape

The Digital Fluencies T-Shaped Framework

The University of Brighton has launched a new Framework to help staff and students plan their digital skills development, and to guide staff in embedding digital skills and critical awareness of digital issues in to their curricula. Digital skills, digital capabilities, digital literacies are all expressions that relate to having the ability to use digital…

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Co:Lab – Curriculum Design at Brighton

During 2021/22 a new series of Co:Lab Curriculum Design workshops and resources are being developed and piloted at the University of Brighton to enable: A collaborative curriculum enhancement process for course teams an​​​​​​​d students to work in partnership, facilitated by the Learning and Teaching Hub Preparation for periodic review, module re/design and course validation Opportunities…

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Advance HE Collaborative Development Fund: Future Spaces Initiative

The University of Brighton has been awarded £4000 by Advance HE to look at the future of student learning in 2035 and how this will be shaped by immersive digital environments.  It is one of 6 institutions awarded funding in the Future Student Experience strand of the highly competitive Collaborative Development Fund stream of work….

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Assessment and feedback policies are at the heart of the student experience

Assessment and feedback practices are at the heart of the student experience; as Ramsden (2003: 182) indicated, from the student point of view “assessment always defines the actual curriculum”. Assessment and feedback done well has the potential to have a huge positive impact on student learning, but, as suggested by David Boud (1998): Students can,…

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Online Resources for Module Leaders

Module leaders are a group of staff who have not traditionally been targeted for staff development. As their role becomes increasingly complex they are in need of some extra support to fully understand their role, both leading their module and as part of a course or courses. In response, the Learning and Teaching Hub has…

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Employability in higher education: what it is – what it is not

Employability as a concept, if not an actual term has been long been a key concern for higher education. Questions around what employability means, what it does not mean and whose responsibility it is to ensure that our students have ‘employability’ are questions which we should always be asking. Student employability is a key priority…

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Developing Students’ Peer Learning – a Curriculum-Embedded Approach

Peer learning is an effective pedagogy and strategy for enhancing students’ learning and supporting students in their transition, progression and retention throughout their studies (Keenan, 2014). The recent move to remote learning and blended delivery has highlighted the increasing importance of students’ having a sense of belonging to their course community as many have reported…

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hands lined up on table to represent inclusivity

The Inclusive Practice Partnerships Scheme

The Inclusive Practice Partnership (IPP) Scheme is a five-year funded programme where students work in partnership with academic staff in their School and the Learning and Teaching Hub. As a key part of both the University of Brighton’s Race Equality Charter Action Plan and Access and Participation Plan, the Scheme reviews the representation of racial,…

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Changing Mindsets

Changing Mindsets: Reducing stereotype threat, implicit bias, and barriers to students in transition In 2019 colleagues in the Learning and Teaching Hub completed a national Office for Students funded catalyst project Changing Mindsets, a student and staff workshop-based intervention intended to build a growth mindset: the belief that ability develops through effort and by embracing…

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Personal Academic Tutoring

Find out more about Personal Academic Tutoring – Resources for Staff

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