selection of abstract landscape images of distressed polaroid film
Coastal Erosion, a selection of distressed Polaroid 600 Film


pencil drawing of a tree on seaweed paper
Tree of Life, pencil on handmade seaweed pulp paper, 14.8 x 21cm


triptic image of three paintings
Hyperobject, handmade paper from recycled waste, found driftwood charcoal in plaster, 20 x 20cm


Grounded in organic materiality, I am interested in sustainable processes of making while exploring concepts surrounding the Anthropocene.

In these selected works I have been investigating the transience and destruction of the natural sphere around me, collecting and using things from my journeys to the sea.

During a time where the world has been plunged into stasis, these pieces are by-products of my lockdown; slowing down to tidal-time, the ritualism of coastline walking and the escape of the fast-pace, capitalist society I had found myself traversing through.