Image of holding hands and a foot
‘Hold’, 102x82cm, Oil on canvas


image of feet on a patterned background
‘Sunday yearning’, 82x102cm, Oil on canvas


Graphite drawings
‘Stable Drawings’, Graphite on cartridge paper – various sizes


With one foot in figurative reality and the other in cinematic poetry my work describes the moments of intimacy, familiarity and ritual in playful scenarios that once lingered in the back of my mind.

Drawing holds an immediate sensory feeling that I feed into my accompanying paintings. Through impasto paintwork, playing with shadows and volumetric figuration I bring these moments of touch back to a weighty bodily experience out of the cartoonish stage set world in which we find ourselves looking into. The ironic disinterest I have of comic strips and cartoons allows my work to be explained by a more inquisitive attempt to describe a corporeal experience without the need to fully explain it visually.

Instagram: @lydia_stonehouse_art