Arms‘, video, 00:34mins

Goblin Girl‘, video, 00:35mins

Siren‘, video, 1:02mins



The three performative video-based films below are stand-alone pieces linked through their exploration of the body- sensations of comfort and discomfort and utilise hand sewn costumes I made. In both ‘GOBLIN GIRL’ and ‘SIREN’ I draw upon figures from folk lore and mythology to form my performative personas in combination with a backdrop of the ocean and waves. Each persona exaggerates one element or sensation I experience as a person in order to investigate it more deeply.

By becoming and embracing the figure of the goblin I engage, process and celebrate all the sensations of the body as monstrous/ disgusting and uncomfortable which in turn allows me to relish and accept all these facets of my physicality and thus be freed by it.

Whereas in ‘SIREN’ I explore a somewhat hyper feminine sensual persona of the Mermaid/Siren/Selkie a figure linked with ideas of seduction and danger. There is a common tension between the world of man and the ocean and a split sense of belonging. For me I have applied this to my own split sense of belonging and discomfort within my body and gender as a ‘woman’.

‘Arms’ takes a more playful and childlike approach to the subject of my experiences in a physical shell. It is awkward and naïve and utilises a textile body appendage of these long dangly textile arm appendages I made last year.