Image of pubic hair
Lady Garden (Digital Prints)


Screen print of pubic hair
Lady Garden (Screenprint)
Frame's of used wax strips
Lady Garden (Wax strip installation)
Lady Garden

The underlying topic of my piece is the normalisation of female body hair in a contemporary misogynist-driven society obsessed with the image of the ‘ideal’ woman; said only to be classed as such when emerging into women-hood hairless below the chin and free from ‘imperfections’ materialised by bigotry. While my entry is a digital print, I have developed my topic in my personal practice by experimenting with the concept of a ‘direct’ approach to printmaking, using body hair and hair removal tools to challenge the idea that hairlessness equals beauty. By using images of pubic hair from unusual perspectives, I hope to force the audience to lean into the piece to identify what they are looking at, similarly to the wax strips. ‘Immersing’ them in the pubic hair should encourage the necessary questioning and rejection of militant hair removal from the female form, carried out in order to meet social beauty standards. 


Instagram: @ladygardenyear2