This work is evidence of a series of processes that use chance directed by conscious control and demonstrate a translation between mediums.

Working predominately within the mediums of photography and printmaking, my practice gravitated towards collage, a medium that shares elements from both and is able to flourish in a limited workspace. I drew influence from both ‘Systems art’ and conceptual art, inspiring a set of ideas based around chance and the unpredictable. I designed creative constraints that encouraged detachment from the figurative qualities of content, and pushed the flow of consciousness, the automatic, to create compositions that accessed the subconscious. Reaching this state of flow allowed spontaneity, a fast pace process and an attitude that embraces imperfections and random interference.

After refining this process in collage, I applied these ideas to moving image.   Shooting on an 8mm videotape camera, using a crude in-camera editing system and a detached postproduction style, I mimicked the qualities of collage and the automatic approach. When shooting footage, I drew on a photographic practice over a cinematic, letting the translation of collage into the medium be more apparent; emphasising the attitude used. Further I composed the final components with this mindset applied; two videos and sound . Once I had created one video I produced sound in reference to it, waiting a day I then edited the next video only with reference to the sound; utilising unpredictability as a final creative process.