print of a character on ripped paper
Haughty Naughty Baby 2020


Red and Orange painting of faces
Untitled 2020


Red laughing face on newsprint page
Yalnızlık Senin 2020


I explore the duality and co-existence between pain and pleasure and try to create a rapport between the grotesque and the ‘’good’’ and transform the painting surface into an enigma for the onlooker. I often give the subjects a satirical twist through various devices, usually through smiling faces or individual figures that are bursting into laughter. The figures and patterns in my paintings could be read as the allegory of my feelings and sensations.

As I record an object, I reflect my private feelings usually about the absolute ambiguity and the unavoidable uncertainty of my relationships with people and life, following that, I prefer and enjoy using the surroundings around me as a painting material since this makes the work unfeigned and opens a road for me to reflect my every-day life.

Instagram: @oykukutlarart