Abstract round painting
Starter(Digestive Spirit), 2020, 42cm, acrylic on glass frame.


Abstract painting
Metabolic Symphony, 2021, 64 x 52 cm, acrylic, oil, mirror sheet on canvas


Abstract Ceramic Painting
Main Dish1, 2021, 38 x 27 cm, ceramic


Imagine going to a supermarket, and there is no food on the shelves. It is not a story of Alice in Wonderland, but our story of the last lockdown.

Since then, the question about food has followed me; what is the meaning of food? Why do we eat? What is the relationship between culture and food? In Korean culture, ‘food’ has special meanings; for example, ‘family’ is called ‘sikgu’ in Korean that means ‘the people eating together’. What about in other cultures?

The aesthetic experience of food and what it becomes when consumed in our bodies also fascinates me. Exploring this ambivalence was my experimentation.

Inventing a variety of dishes with insufficient ingredients was one of my great pleasures during the lockdown. These works originate from this notion. My perspective and feelings for food were reproduced in my work in the restricted circumstances, including ceramics the process of which is similar to baking.