image of a pebbled beach
The Destructed View (2020)


photo of fields
The Destructed View 2 (2020)


photo of a river view
The Destructed View 3 (2020)

Our footprints will forever be imprinted into these beautiful landscapes that surround us. The environment that once was will never be once more. If we are to implement an environmental rescue, to remove all that is associated with the actions of people and industrialisation, work to replenish from the damage that has occurred, seek to undo what has already happened … still our views will be unparallel to the wildness that existed before us.

The Destructed View is a conceptual collaboration with the archived journal of Daniel Defoe, ‘ ‘A tour thro’ the whole island of Great Britain, divided into circuits or journies’, a record of his time travelling through Britain in 1724, detailing the towns, the landscape, the people and giving economic and social in- sights into the way of living as it was. The archive is a series of letters, which were then published as a book, my intention is to retrace the journey travelled and to explore with an environmentally aware perspective the changes within the landscape, to document the consequences of industrialisation and the presence and actions of people.


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