Painting of a hand holding two pills which have smiley faces on them


Abstract Painting
Yellow Cabinet


Painting of white figure crying draped over a flat plane
No Bag for Life


I’m sad so why hide it.

Exploring themes of self-acceptance, my work looks inwards to capture the struggles of personal insecurities. Through humour and wit, complex feelings can be simplified to a single moment in time that are unapologetic. Every painting is different yet there is a sense of tension between finding order and letting the chaos unfold. Form tells me what it is feeling, and intuition leads, creating a conversation between the material and myself. Visual language amplifies the personality of each character or inanimate object which seems to flow out in a mix of immediacy and contemplation. The work is open to many interpretations and imaginative thinking but ultimately all that is needed is a little smile or chuckle at the end.


Instagram: @clairealana.s/