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Retrospective is a word used to describe looking back on and dealing with past events. When I found these Postcards, I was so intrigued to the stories and memories people wanted to share. I think growing up in a time where the notion of sending postcards had diminished made me particularly fascinated with this. In the 21st century it is so easy to take for granted the use of modern technology and our ability to send instant updates to loved ones.

I found I easily resonated with the Postcards I chose due to my past growing up as a dancer and performing on the North Pier, Blackpool. This gave me a nostalgic feeling to my childhood, growing up in these seaside towns and I instantly wanted to explore more. I asked members of my family to send me photos of them on seaside holidays from the same years and locations the postcards were sent from. I showcased the work in a collage to resemble something similar to a family scrapbook of memories.