collage of blue paper and photographs
Untitled #1


collage style photo and blue paper
Untitled #2


collage style image of blue paper and photos
Untitled #3


To dissect an image of someone not only means that you are visually altering a photograph, but also the relationship you have with that person in this small snapshot of time. However, when you don’t have a relationship with the photograph, it becomes your canvas for experimentation.
Inspired by Lockdown, I created ‘Dissecting People & Watching Them Float’ for the simple sake of watching something familiar become fragmented.
Sliced-up Found Photographs of people & objects that float aimlessly away from something unexplained is an ode to how, through its beauty, lockdown has flung us into places we never knew we’d be, and how we collectively still haven’t reached the ground just yet.


Instagram: @arts_ashey