Wow today has been a great day!!

I discovered so many amazing things about Moroccan pop culture like artists and photographers and cool creative accounts on instagram.

It’s really made me feel so excited and I feel as though my outlook on my Moroccan identity has really developed in the last day. Of course, its easy to write this when I am feeling really positive about all of this, but I wanted to document the fact that I am feeling really happy and secure in the fact that I have finally begun this journey and am starting to see the positive effects its having on me already!!

I’ve found myself saying a couple of times today, ‘Isn’t it so sad that I’m only just discovering these things’.

But! I really think that I wouldn’t be having such an amazing journey with it now, if the situation was different. I feel so lucky to be going through this when I’m an adult, I’m taking the time to get to know myself, and really appreciating the amazingness of that. Of course it’s all theoretical, but I can imagine that doing this as a child, I wouldn’t have appreciated the fact that I was learning amazing things about my heritage and myself in the same way that I am now.

I am just finally feeling myself pulling that culture back after having tried to push it away for 22 years.

A small realisation I had today was that, because I always wanted to make sure I didn’t look too Moroccan or Arabic, I always made sure to never do the traditional makeup looks with dark kohl liner in the eye’s waterline with thick wings.

But now! What’s stopping me!?

I am feel really inspired and it’s made me really want to do a self portrait photo shoot to document the way I’m feeling.