I read an article today on Temple Magazine which was about artist, Gaspar Willman and I found that reading his interview was really inspiring and I really liked learning about his process with his work.

Willman explained that he collates so many found images from the internet, takes photos all the time and he edits them together and manipulates the images to usually make still lives or landscapes from them. He then gets them printed on cotton or linen and then uses oil paint to manipulate them further and add a physical layer to the images.

He explained that he is fascinated by the post-internet era and the polished and smooth imagery that can be found and putting these with the medium of oil paint to create soft imagery.

I really found this interesting and thought this was a really interesting technique to use as inspiration for working with the photographs I have from my childhood from Morocco etc, and make something physical out of it, whether I use the same technique or translating it into a way that I enjoy working in.

I really like the idea of reacting the images and making something new out of them.


Gaspar Willmann