Today I had a really good 1:1 tutorial with Chris where we spoke about my ideas and process. I spoke to him about trying out some work with Cinema 4D and the concept of my online installation. He suggested to look at a Fashion Comms graduate’s FMP who worked with C4D to make an interactive piece called Digital You which I think would be really cool to look at.

Chris also suggested to look at the arts lecturer Ceren Ozpinar who focuses on Turkish and Middle Eastern studies. I think this could be a good way to get an insight into a similar culture and also get an academic’s perspective on my project.

We also spoke about playing around with scanning in my photos that I have from Morocco and seeing what could come from that.

Mainly what stood out to me today, was that Chris said that 0ne’s existence is like a collage, and thats a really cool way to look at this project and the way I’ve brought in lots of different elements and mediums in to start to form ‘my cultural identity’.