Last summer, I met a Tunisian friend, who lived there for many years, she was raised by two Tunisian parents and speaks both Arabic, French and English. Meeting her has really been amazing as in the last couple of weeks, she has really helped me with discovering my Northern African culture.

She sent me a link to a website called Mille who act as a kind of online magazine with articles on subjects relating to Arabic culture.

Within the first couple of scrolls through their list of articles, I honestly felt such a feeling of comfort that there are so many positive representations of Arabic culture out there, and it just turns out that its a bit tricky to find them when you don’t know where to look.

Again, going through these articles has really opened my eyes to the way positive representations of one’s culture can change their whole perception of their cultural identity which is amazing and so encouraging for me in this project.

This feeling almost makes me feel a little bit like there might be a shred of light and a happy ending at the end of my project, whereas before I was imagining that what I would create would be dark and sad.