5 Reasons to be ‘Appy

KTP company Do Something Different (DSD) seek to make the world a better place by inspiring millions of people to do something different through behaviour change programmes. Clients are sent personalised ‘dos’ which aim to take the individual out of their comfort zone, breaking the habits which prevent them reaching their full potential and developing behavioural flexibility.

KTP Associates Billiejoe Charlton recently posted on the blog for his company DSD to tell us about their new app which you can log into every day to log how you feel on the ‘happy tracker’. Why use the app? App users give on average 4.07 stars out of 5, vs 3.67 for non-app users, suggesting they have a better overall experience. You can read Billiejoe’s full blog post here: https://dsd.me/2017/03/15/5-reasons-to-be-appy/

DSD have amassed a wealth of data from delivering programmes over the years – this KTP project seeks to apply machine learning to optimise their programmes to help the company expand and grow.