Developing fuel cell technology at Ceres Power with KTP

Ceres is a world leading developer of next generation fuel cell technology. Based in Horsham, the company employs a team of experts from across a range of industry sectors including engineering, power generation, oil and gas, automotive and materials science.

The company aims to change the way homes and businesses generate their electricity, reducing costs and lowering emissions, through its fuel cell technology.

“We have an affordable fuel cell for the real world, made possible with the use of conventional materials and standard manufacturing processes.” Paul Barnard, Director at Ceres Power.

One challenge in developing low cost products was in understanding the principles governing accurate and durable temperature measurement which would allow them to achieve highly accurate temperature control.

Paul Barnard, Director – Fuel Cell Module Design Authority at Ceres, had worked with Professor Robert Morgan from the University of Brighton on various consultancy projects. In 2013 the company began a KTP with the University of Brighton to bring thermal and fluid dynamics expertise to the company. The KTP in thermometry aimed to measure temperature accurately and reliably at the required product cost point, inside the system.

Paul said: “We knew we had an opportunity to develop our in the knowledge, but also partner with a University and develop a young engineer. We could have done the project internally, but it would have taken much longer. This is a very specialist area, and it’s quite akin to automotive engines and exhaust measurements, so the university’s Centre for Automotive Engineering was a logical partner for us.”

The KTP focussed on testing the thermocouple inside one of the component pipes of the system, to check for accuracy and consistency. Supervised by Professor Robert Morgan, KTP Associate Dr Farzad Barari designed the test rig which is being used to find the critical measurements, parameters and design a solution. Since completing the KTP, Farzad has been employed on a permanenet basis at Ceres Power.


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