Why do we need a KTP week?

Part of my role as KTP Manager involves going out and about talking to companies who are looking to engage with the university. I’ve been doing this for 5 years and I can count on one hand the number of times I have come across a company who has actually heard of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships before meeting me.  This is surprising as the scheme has being going for almost 40 years and at this moment in time there are over 700 programmes live across the UK. The longevity of the programme, its results (the 2013 annual report states that on average a KTP project generates £62k profit in-programme, projects a £550k increase in profits post-programme and creates 4 new jobs) and a grant rate of up to 67% make KTP very attractive to a company needing to access expertise to grow their business, so we need to raise awareness in the business community. Here at Brighton we’re focusing on sharing stories of KTP success with businesses, academics and graduates, the three essential partners in a KTP, hoping that examples will resonate with business owners and encourage them to consider engaging with their local university via KTP.

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