Article Reserch

I’ve designated March as my dedicated writing month, aiming to research and compile articles for the website. This period of focused effort provides me with an opportunity to delve deeper into topics that resonate with Studio Remoda’s mission, particularly issues surrounding sustainability and consumerism.

My goal is to create a balanced mix of content. On one hand, I plan to write long-form, research-based articles that delve into the complexities of sustainability and consumerism. These articles will serve as a platform to introduce and contextualise the problems that Studio Remoda seeks to address. They will also highlight the importance of the Swapp app as a practical solution, connecting theory with actionable steps.On the other hand, I aim to inject some lighter content into the mix. Drawing inspiration from the style of articles found in publications like Teen Vogue, I want to create shorter, more accessible pieces focused on styling advice. These articles will not only serve to lighten the mood of the website but also offer tangible solutions and practical tips on how to practice fashion sustainably.

The inspiration for the Studio Remoda articles will draw from my essay for the HCS module, where I explored the impact of social media on consumerism. As I’ve immersed myself in research, scouring scholarly articles, research papers, and sustainability books, I’ve found a noticeable gap in literature addressing the evolving landscape of online fashion marketing and the innovative tactics employed to drive consumer behaviour.

While platforms like WGSN touch upon concepts like ‘Trend Fatigue’, the discussions often lack depth and fail to capture the nuances of today’s online fashion promotion strategies. Much of the existing scholarly literature on the topic feels outdated, not fully aligning with the current dynamics of online fashion marketing.

One challenge I anticipate in crafting these articles is striking the right balance in tone and content. I want to avoid coming across as preachy or adopting a tone of moral superiority when discussing sustainability. Additionally, I aim to ensure that my articles on styling offer fresh perspectives, avoiding clich├ęs and juvenile insights. It’s crucial for me to introduce new and intriguing information to keep the content engaging and relevant.

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