Maximalist Photoshoot

In preparing for my upcoming photoshoot, I took the opportunity to deeply reflect on the intersection of sustainability, maximalist style, and cultural influences, particularly drawing from Harajuku fashion. This exploration challenged me to think critically about how sustainability can be integrated into a maximalist aesthetic, a concept that intrigued and excited me.

For the photoshoot’s ambiance, I envisioned an ambiguous urban setting where the two models would appear as passing strangers, adding an element of intrigue and storytelling. This concept pushed me to consider various compositional elements like poses, depths of field, and the relationship between the models. It was a moment of introspection, prompting me to question traditional norms and experiment with unconventional approachesto the poses. I was initially inspired by the fashion illustrations of Antonio Lopez which depicted three women passing by eachother at different distances.

Styling was another area where reflection played a significant role. Balancing the maximalist tendencies with Studio Remoda’s minimalist aesthetic required careful thought and consideration. I wanted to create looks that were both expressive and sustainable, avoiding the pitfalls of transient trends that could quickly become dated.

During this process, I created some sketches to visualise my ideas. The first sketch featured thick lace wrapped around the head, tied into a bow at the neck, adorned with chunky golden hoops. The second depicted a white lace nightdress layered over baggy jeans, complemented by a faux leather trench coat. While these specific outfits didn’t make it to the final photoshoot, the act of sketching allowed me to explore and refine my ideas, serving as a reflective exercise that enriched my creative process. These sketches became more than just visual aids; they were a tangible manifestation of my evolving thoughts and inspirations, guiding me as I curated the final looks for the photoshoot.

During the shoot, we were challenged by the unpredictable English weather, with heavy rains adding an additional layer of complexity to our plans. This unexpected turn of events forced us to adapt and think on our feet, adding an element of spontaneity and challenge to the process.
Shooting in busy urban environments has always been a concern for me due to the potential distractions and the need to be mindful of passers-by and traffic. For this shoot, I carefully selected a quiet side street in London, strategically choosing a location where we would encounter minimal foot traffic and distractions.
Despite the adverse weather conditions and the challenges of shooting in an urban setting, my models were incredible. We managed to capture a variety of stunning shots in a relatively short amount of time, navigating around the rain and making the most of the moody atmosphere.

In hindsight, I believe the rainy streets of London added an unexpected and unique element to the photoshoot. The wet pavements and overcast skies contributed to a moody urban aesthetic that I hadn’t initially planned for but ended up enhancing the overall mood and atmosphere of the photos. This experience served as a reminder that sometimes challenges can lead to unexpected and rewarding outcomes, pushing us to think creatively and adapt our plans to make the most of the situation.

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